Zoom Pants or Face to Face meetings – what’s your preference?

February and March have been hectic, but I have enjoyed getting out of my zoom pants and doing more face-to-face events. It started with me delivering a guest lecture at Henley Business School, discussing my franchised business BilinguaSing and how we protect our intellectual property. It was amazing to see what ideas students came up with regarding seeking new opportunities, it’s really encouraged me to get out of my box a bit and see that there is so much more available to us when we open our eyes! The 3rd March was BilinguaSing’s annual ‘un-conference’ which, as always, just fab. Not because I’m the superstar franchisor at the helm – but because there is such magic when a group of super-aligned souls come together in a room. I feel so blessed that this gorgeous bunch trusted me enough to throw in their jobs and follow a path of flexibility, freedom, fun and purpose!
Last Friday, I recorded a podcast episode with Teach Away – a Canadian company with an audience of over 20,000 teachers, including many in the UK. We shared our thoughts on what we feel is a ‘mass-exodus’ in terms of teachers leaving the profession, and turning to tutoring as an alternative, and all the reasons why. The other guest on the podcast, Joel, owns an English foreign language company in Italy, so there is a potential collaboration underway between his business and BilinguaSing. It’s made me think a lot about launching my own podcast – something I’ve wanted to do for 2 years now. Let me know if you think I should go for it!
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On Saturday, I headed up to Birmingham, where I attended the ICAP (Institute of Children’s Activity Providers) conference. I delivered a keynote about my journey as the founder of BilinguaSing – ending it with a few words how much partnering and collaborating with people has opened my eyes to opportunities I couldn’t see before (because I was so fixated on franchising).

Now I realise there are many pathways to grow both BilinguaSing and my 2 Hour Tutor coaching business.

Collaborations are a great way of growing your tutoring business really quickly.

Do you have a friend, former colleague or associate who tutors the same audience as you, but for a completely different subject or age range, or exam level?

Partner up, share each other’s details, share a workshop, deliver a free taster session, and let them do the same for you.

It’s an absolutely brilliant way to get in front of your ideal students to help you grow your tuition business. And as much as it’s a cliché, together, we achieve more!!

That said, being an ‘extroverted introvert’ I am now completely knackered – and woe betide anyone who tries to come between me and my zoom pants (for a while at least)!

It was totally worth it though!

Let me know, have you collaborated with anyone lately and how did it go?

Desperate to leave teaching

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