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9th July: Design Your Group Curriculum & Student Support Structure

What will you end up with?
– A  group programme design that fits your niche like a glove
– A ‘better than 1:1’ experience for your students
– Accelerated results when compared to traditional 1:1.
– A VIP experience for students and parents, without the intensity of weekly 1:1 sessions

The 2 Hour Tutor system takes the content structure of a course and adds in the accountability of a live group tuition programme. With the right level of thought and attention to detail, we can map out your own online curriculum that delivers a ‘better than 1:1’ experience for your students.

While one-to-one tuition does provide individual attention, you’ve probably experienced first hand how it can also lead to an over-reliance on their weekly meetings with you and, ultimately, slower progress.

With your core curriculum leading the way, students access your video lessons weekly, before each live session. This trains them to take ownership of their learning and prepare them to go deeper in your live group sessions.

This way, progress can be made both individually and as part of the group learning experience. This leads to accelerated results when compared to traditional 1:1.

Add to this a slick support system that gives your students a VIP experience without the intensity of weekly 1:1 sessions, and you’re on to a winning offer!

16th July: How to Package, Price and Sell Your Group Tuition Programme

What will you end up with?
– A clear marketing message that attracts ideal students (say goodbye to the scattergun approach)!
– A ‘package price’ for your programme
– A clear value proposition for parents that is more appealing than 1:1

Now that you have your niche nailed, the marketing bit is much easier (I promise)!

Rather than wondering what course / offer / type of student you should be trying to attract and throwing out mixed messages, you now have an ideal student in mind (a confused audience never buys)!
It’s a common misconception that one-to-one tuition offers better value than a group programme. In reality, one-to-one tuition fees can range from £30 to £80 per hour or even more.

If you consider giving these sessions every week for an indefinite period, which could be longer than an entire academic year, it can add up to well over £2000 for the family.

This doesn’t include parent’s travel expenses for face-to-face sessions, nor the hidden costs of lack of retention between sessions. On the other hand, a well-crafted group programme with a specialised teacher typically ranges from £400 to £800, offering not only cost savings but also saving time.
What if you could build an audience of students who WANT to pay you upfront for your group tuition programme, instead of having to faff with Pay As You Go? That would be pretty cool, right?
I mean, as a busy parent of 3 kids, why would I want to mess about with managing weekly payments, juggling their numerous other activities, messaging & cancelling when they are sick … and then still not knowing if / when they will have learnt enough to stop needing me to pay for a tutor?
My tutor clients are learning this too. ‘Right-fit’ parents are DELIGHTED to be allowed to spend upwards of £650 with them to solve their biggest problem: and it’s not lack of money.

It’s lack of TIME.

In just 12 weeks or less, your programme allows their children to overcome their challenges and get back to excelling in their studies while regaining time for their hobbies and social activities (so much more important for their well-being)!
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