The 2 Hour Tutor programme explained

I'm working with a new group of teachers next month to create, plan and launch a 2h per week group programme without intensive 1:1 tuition

The 2 Hour Tutor Programme

Is this programme for me?

This programme isn’t for everyone, but we could be a good fit if 2-3 of these describe your situation:

  • You’re done with teaching and you’re planning to leave before the year is out. You know you don’t want to get another job, you’re open to tutoring but want something better than the usual 1:1 model

  • You have already set up a small tuition business, you have a growing client base but want to transition to selling a group programme 

  • You don’t want to tutor all the time to just make ends meet (and frankly you are so over 1:1 and how draining it is)

  • You’d like to create consistent income months rather than fall into the ‘feast-or-famine’ cycle of 1:1

  • You’d love to choose just one thing to teach for one audience, and turn that into a signature pathway which delivers incredible results without you repeating yourself a gazillion times

  • You’re in it for the long game and are interested in creating a real, ethical, viable business to free you from your teaching job. You want to give yourself and your loved ones a happier, freer life


If you’re nodding along to 2-3 of the above, I’d love to hear from you.

I invite you to register your interest using the form below:

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