Why I only work with teachers

People ask me why I only work with teachers. Here’s why.

As an educator, you’ve dedicated your life to shaping young minds and nurturing future leaders. However, the challenges faced by teachers, especially those who are also mothers, can be overwhelming. Between immense scrutiny, a pay gap, and the demanding nature of teaching, it’s no wonder why you might be considering a change. But fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore the potential of starting your own tutoring business to achieve true flexibility and balance in your life.

Understanding the Challenges Faced by Teachers:

Teaching is often misunderstood as an easy job, but as insiders, you know the truth – it’s a profession that demands dedication, resilience, and hard work. On top of that, schools face strict evaluations and ranking systems, adding to the pressure of success.

The Challenges of Balancing Motherhood and Teaching:

As a teacher, becoming a mother can present tough choices. Part-time work may seem like a solution, but it could mean sacrificing income. On the other hand, full-time work may limit time with your children, leading to an ongoing struggle for balance. Some opt to be stay-at-home moms, setting their careers aside to focus solely on their children, but this comes with its own set of sacrifices.

Considering a New Path: Starting Your Tutoring Business

To achieve the work-life balance you deserve, starting your own tutoring business can be a transformative option. While it comes with challenges, such as breaking free from traditional education norms and embracing entrepreneurship, the rewards are worth it.

Embracing Entrepreneurship: Breaking Free from the Mould

As teachers, you have been conditioned to follow a traditional path. However, venturing into entrepreneurship can open up new possibilities and allow you to create a schedule that works for you and your family. Overcoming societal expectations and embracing your entrepreneurial spirit will be a game-changer in your journey towards a more balanced life.

The Strength of Women in Education and Motherhood:

As women in education and motherhood, you possess incredible strength and courage. By challenging gender biases and taking risks to pursue your aspirations, you set an example for others to follow. Your determination and resilience inspire not only your students but also your peers.

Supporting Teachers in Transition:

Having personally experienced the challenges of balancing teaching and motherhood, I am committed to supporting fellow educators, especially women, in overcoming obstacles and establishing successful tutoring businesses. Together, we can embrace change and advocate for flexibility in the teaching profession, creating a more inclusive and balanced future for teachers worldwide.

Teachers, your passion for education and dedication to your students are admirable. As you explore the possibility of starting your own tutoring business, remember that change begins within you. Embrace your entrepreneurial spirit, challenge societal norms, and pave the way for a more balanced future. With the right support and mindset, you can build a thriving tutoring business that allows you to excel both professionally and personally. Let’s take the leap and create a better future for teachers as educators and mothers.

But the risks we see here already lean into gender bias. Women are more likely to donate their kidneys to family members in need, go through life-threatening pregnancies to bring life into the world, and challenge sexism.
Women are brave, strong and gutsy. 
Add ‘mother’ to the mix and you’re unstoppable.………………..…………..
The story above is mine and it’s why I work with teachers (mostly but not exclusively women) 
All the guys in the house – thank you for bearing with me on this one. I’m sure you can relate!
We live in a world where teachers who become mums have to choose between their teaching job, their sanity and time with their children. 
It’s about time that changed.
If you want things to be different, you are responsible for making the change.
Ellie xx
P.S. Whenever you’re ready, here are 2 ways I can help you map out and launch your tuition business
1. Book a free Game Plan call
Thinking about getting a proper tuition business off the ground? I have a simple progress pathway to 2 and 3k months and we will map this out together:
2. Work with me closely in my 4 month mentorship programme, the 2 Hour Tutor
If you’d like to work directly with me to create a scalable group programme, or turn your existing 1:1 tuition business into a group programme … just
reply back with the subject line ‘2 Hour Tutor‘ and I’ll get you the details. This is for you if you:
  • Have already quit / decided to quit teaching
  • Are serious about creating a tuition biz that replaces or exceeds your teaching income
Struggling to find a time? Feel free to choose one of these alternatives:
1. Send me a message with the words ‘2 Hour Tutor‘ directly on InstagramFacebook or Linkedin and we can chat back and forth that way
2. Hit reply to this email with the words ‘2 Hour Tutor

p.p.s. if you’re wondering what on earth a 2 Hour Tutor programme is, check out this pdf where I share the structure I use: CLICK HERE >> 2 Hour Tutor Blueprintu

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