Consider the magic of creating one group programme that you absolutely love!

While the idea of offering individual tutoring sessions at an hourly rate may seem like the easy option, it often doesn’t end up being the actual reality.
In my opinion, the 1:1 tuition model may not be the most effective choice for teachers seeking to avoid burnout and achieve financial stability.

Here’s why:
  • Selling a weekly, ongoing tutoring commitment at £30-50 per session is completely different to selling a package with a defined outcome. It’s a different principle altogether. Committing £120-200 a month for a tutor, even if I know I can cancel, can feel like a far bigger commitment to investing £500 in a programme for my kid that I know I only pay for once (plus I feel like I gain time; we fix the issue in a few months and then we can move on with our lives)
  • 1:1 is typically a lot of heavy lifting for a small reward. You have different kids to serve with different problems, requiring planning and follow up that often takes longer than the lesson takes to deliver (hello, teaching world)!
  • The weekly nature of 1:1 is flawed. Most children need more support to actually retain anything, and progress in between lessons is usually minimal. No matter how clear you are in the lesson, students forget, get lost and overwhelmed if there is no defined support in between sessions. They become more, rather than less dependent on their tutor.
  • It’s delivery heavy and requires constant content creation – full hour sessions for every single student, planning, feedback and marketing. You quickly hit full capacity, yet you’re still not making as much as you did in the classroom.
  • You have to prove your value to students and parents every single month, knowing that they could pull the plug at any time leaving you with an income hole.
  • Tutors typically attract a wide range of students as most are not very niched, and it can be very hard to meet those needs and feel like you’re doing the best for your students.
Now, of course, 1:1 tuition works for some. 
Ultimately, it’s up to you. But first consider the magic of creating one group programme that you absolutely love.
Instead of being a pay-as-you-go tutor, students pay for a defined period of time to work with you to achieve a defined result.
You can charge more, students show up more, and you deliver better results.
It’s basically your 1-1 service with bells on!!
If you’re curious to know more, I’d love to invite you to book a call with us so we can see what magical ideas we can whip up with you!
Ellie xx

Desperate to leave teaching

If you are desperate to leave teaching but the thought of high pressure 1:1 work makes you want to hide, here are 3 ways I can help you map out and launch your tuition business:

1. Download my free 2 Hour Tutor Blueprint and start mapping your future business:  DOWNLOAD

2. Book a free Game Plan call: I have a simple progress pathway to 2 and 3k months and we will map this out together:  BOOK HERE

3. Work with me closely in my mentorship programme, the 2 Hour Tutor: If you’d like to work directly with me to create a scalable group programme, or turn your existing 1:1 tuition business into a group programme … please  APPLY HERE.

This is for you if you:

  • Have already quit / decided to quit teaching
  • Are serious about creating a tuition biz that replaces or exceeds your teaching income
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