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Official Ellie Baker Bio

After 3 years teaching English as a foreign language and a short stint in the corporate world, Ellie qualified with a PGCE in French and Spanish in 2004. During her 10 year teaching career she worked in a variety of secondary, middle and primary schools in numerous roles, including head of subject and teacher trainer.

When her first child was just 5 months old, she quit the classroom to set up her award-winning children’s language & music class company, BilinguaSing, which she franchised in 2014. BilinguaSing offers a fresh and stress-free approach to teaching and learning languages, having helped thousands of children and their families learn languages through her unique musical approach.

Today Ellie consults in schools, coaches language teachers, writes about education and helps her network of BilinguaSing franchisees to thrive in their businesses. She’s an ‘extroverted introvert’ who dreams of living a nomadic life, educating her kids while travelling the world; but for now lives happily in sunny Maidenhead.

Find out more about Ellie’s teaching philosophy and work via her blog:

Find out more about her franchised language class business, BilinguaSing, here:

Check out her blog for more about her teaching background.

Ok ok...

Reality check: I’m also a real person and an exhausted mother of three amazing, full-on kids.

I’m obsessed with teaching and education in general, and I totally believe that language-learning can change the world. One extremely powerful way to do that is to empower languages teachers to cut loose from the restraints of the education system and do what they do best – JUST TEACH!

My role in the world is to mobilise this and future generations by empowering languages teachers to use their precious skills in a way that brings them joy. In doing so I help them rediscover their purpose and guide them to their ‘happy teaching place’. Together, we can get more get kids LOVING languages just like we know they can!

Join the languages revolution!

How I Can Help...

I am here to create a safe place for you to offload, and find what it is you’re really searching for in order to gain fulfilment in your work and life. I help you to identify and then release all the sabotaging thoughts you have about your current situation, your role in the world as a linguist, and your life’s purpose – and make a plan to help you move forward with confidence.

I have coached so many actual and aspiring languages teachers since I started my teaching journey in 2003. I’m good at what I do, and I’ve helped many women completely change their relationship with their teaching role for the better. This sometimes results in them leaving the classroom to set up their own BilinguaSing business with me as their guide, or even changing direction completely.

I am committed to keeping as many languages teachers in the teaching profession as possible, one way or another. The world needs you…but you can’t do it well unless you are happy and have a sense of direction.

I do that through:

I’m here to help. Languages are not the only thing we can bring to the world, but together we can use our common love of language teaching as a starting point for CHANGE!

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