8.4 Using Facebook to Generate Leads

Your Facebook Profile = ICA Magnet!

Tip tips for turning your Facebook profile into an ICA magnet:

1. Your cover picture is a HUGE asset so make the most of it! It is vital that this represents you and what you are all about. Check out Canva for easy-to-edit fb cover profile templates. Change the text out for a catchy, attention-grabbing headline –  include a link
to your lead magnet signup page. A CTA (a call to action) works well here. eg: Check out 5 top tips to xxxx by clicking here (use a link shortener like bitly, or Mailchimp can do it for you).

How does this work? When people click on it they
will be taken to the description – where you put the link in BOLD to your Lead Magnet!

2. Profile pic: a nice clear head and shoulders shot of you smiling, preferably with a plain background as it stands out more when viewing FB on a mobile device. If you have a pic you like but the background is messy, you can fix it up with a white background here.

3. As with anything scrollable, have about 10 seconds and a limited number of characters to get someone to stop and engage with you! Your bio should state concisely what is in it for them – it’s never about us, it’s always about our ICA.

Template examples:

  • Helping / Supporting / Guiding xxxx to achieve xxxx by xxxx
  • On a mission to xxxx by xxxx
  • Transforming the lives of xxxx through xxxx

Tip: you good make your text more eye-catching by using a font changer like Lingo Jam or Fancy Fonts.

4. In the workplace and education section, ensure you add all the different geographical locations you have lived & worked as it expands your reach.
If you have a business page, add the link to it here to maximise visibility.

5. Featured images – make sure you select 9 that depict an overview of your life & personality that you want to portray (the bits you want your customers to see)! A variety here is good – eg work, family, hols, girlfriends, hobbies . . .

Tip: You may want to go back and prune over / make private that album of hen do photos from 2007 while you’re at it!! 

6. Social media links – keep this section super simple! Again, we don’t want all the things here – it’s distracting and may send your ICA off the trail! We want them to take the action of signing up for your lead magnet & joining your list. Simples! So just add your link to that, and your fb biz page if you have one.

Last but not least . . . once decluttered, culled and primed and you’re good to go, it’s important that you set you profile setting to ‘public’. Don’t worry, you can always amend selected posts to private if preferred.

Additional resources:

Check out how Chanel Morales and / or Joan Strachan use Facebook to generate leads for their businesses (but don’t disappear down a rabbit hole researching – it’s time to take action)!

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