December sees spike in teacher stress

I always found that November was the worst month for me as a teacher. The dark mornings and short days would start to sap at any energy and optimism I had left. I know this will resonate with many of you, as this is the time of year where I usually see a steep rise in people reaching out for my free Breakthrough Calls.

This year however, instead of December seeing teacher’s spirits being lifted by the approaching holidays and general good cheer; we are seeing a rise in insomnia, tearfulness and teachers reporting that they are struggling to concentrate at work.

According to Pete Henshaw, Editor of SecEd:

The main reason, given by 68 per cent of education professionals, was the volume of workload (rising to 76 per cent for senior leaders). Other reasons cited by those considering quitting included not feeling valued (63 per cent), a desire for a better work/life balance (63 per cent), needless paperwork or data gathering (61 per cent), and working in a target-driven culture (52 per cent).

Among those professionals who said they have considered quitting this year, the analysis also found that:

  • Stress levels are significantly higher (63 per cent vs 33 per cent).
  • Working hours are significantly higher, with 73 per cent working 60 hours or more per week.
  • They do not feel supported by their school in terms of mental health and wellbeing (73 per cent).

See full article here.

This is extremely worrying, and sadly it’s being mirrored in the my coaching clients (all of whom are teachers). Please don’t struggle alone. There is another way, and our collective voices can make a difference 💙

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