50% of teachers on antidepressants?

Today on a coaching call with a teacher, I learned that she was off work with stress due to a number of issues which I won’t go into here…let’s just say I have heard them all before  (& experienced some myself). She shared with me that she had contemplated ‘ending

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GCSE languages compulsory?

Compulsory GCSE languages?

Happy to have contributed to the languages conversation here in the UK (thank you SecEd) 🙏 We can’t ignore the impact that COVID & Brexit are having (and will continue to have) on the decisions we make about what young people actually need to thrive today. We can’t continue to

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December sees spike in teacher stress

I always found that November was the worst month for me as a teacher. The dark mornings and short days would start to sap at any energy and optimism I had left. I know this will resonate with many of you, as this is the time of year where I

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I chose me

Looking back, I realise I depended on my ‘school teacher’ identity for my sense of self-worth. Like many of us, I held onto it far beyond the point where enough was enough. Even when I knew it was making me and those I loved so unhappy, I just couldn’t walk

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The Future of Language Teaching in the UK

As teachers and kids activity providers, I’m sure we can agree that all children deserve the best opportunities in this complex and divided world. We have built our careers and businesses on the basis that kids need access to a broad range of activities, which schools and early years settings

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Why I left teaching

Many of you ask me first ‘but Ellie, what is BilinguaSing”? It’s a good question, and the answer is difficult to put into written words, which is why I decided to make this video for you to show you what it’s all about! However, more often than not, what we really want

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teachers stress lockdown teacher stress

Teachers – it’s ok not to be ok right now

It’s been really interesting chatting to fellow MFL teachers about what they have enjoyed about lockdown teaching. We have also addressed some of the many challenges – such as how difficult it has been to engage lower ability groups, and get year 10s to switch on their cameras on a zoom

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Livin la vida ‘Covid’

Wow – what a strange month this has been! Some of you may know that I have a business called BilinguaSing, which is where I have been spending most of my time since the Coronavirus hit.  We’ve been flat out (as I’m sure you have been too), just adapting to this new normal. It’s been

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