How to make your GROUP tuition results better than 1:1

So, let’s talk about a common myth in the tutoring world – the belief that students won’t excel in group tuition compared to one-on-one sessions. But guess what? That couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, when you design your group tuition programme with the right mindset, your students

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Desperate to leave teaching

If you are a tutor wanting to streamline and transition to a group model, here are 2 ways I can help:

1. Book a free Game Plan call

I have a simple progress pathway to 2 and 3k months and we will map this out together:  BOOK HERE

2. Work with me closely in my mentorship programme, the 2 Hour Tutor

 If you’d like to work directly with me to create a scalable group programme, or turn your existing 1:1 tuition business into a group programme … please  APPLY HERE.

This is for you if you:

  • Have already quit / decided to quit teaching
  • Are serious about creating a tuition biz that replaces or exceeds your teaching income

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