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Founded in 2018, the 2 Hour Tutor coaching team is led by the dynamic sister duo Ellie and Mel. Former teachers with a rich background in the UK school system, they co-founded their initial educational venture, BilinguaSing, in 2013.

Alongside them is their esteemed dad, Terry, a former teacher and accomplished corporate career and business coach.

The trio collectively brings a wealth of experience and unwavering passion to their clients through the 2 Hour Tutor programme.

Operating with a core commitment to family values, their approach treats each client as a unique individual, ensuring a personalised experience that stands apart from the usual group coaching programmes.

No one gets lost in a Facebook group here!



Hi there! I'm Ellie, the visionary behind the 2 Hour Tutor, serving as both founder and lead coach.

I started out as a secondary languages teacher in 2003, but transitioned through middle school and eventually to primary. The establishment of my first education business, BilinguaSing, in 2013 saw me specialise in my youngest ever students - (newborn babies)! at a time when I was getting to grips with having my first of now 3 children.

My role revolves around guiding you seamlessly through every step of your journey with us, ensuring you receive tailored support precisely when you need it. Picture me as your dedicated end-to-end service professional.

I successfully built this business primarily through Facebook ads, and have only recently expanded our presence into other social media platforms.

My expertise lies in helping you get tutoring clients through low-cost ads, which is great news for many teachers who may be a bit social media averse!

I am a certified life coach (and self-certified business coach!), with a love of yoga and an addiction to personal growth; which spills out into my client work. I am currently on a new journey to become an accredited holistic coach too.



Hi! I'm Terry, here to offer you my distinctive fusion of psychological approaches to removing barriers to success, and techniques to help you stay on track when self-doubt gets in the way.

You will start your journey with a 1:1 personality profiling session with me, so that we can truly get to know you and advise on each step you take according to your own personality type.

I provide the essential mindset tools necessary to guide and support you throughout your 2 Hour Tutor journey. Remember, success is 30% action and 70% mindset!



Hi, I'm Mel, bringing you a diverse set of skills, particularly in education policy and social media marketing. I started my career as a secondary Geography teacher before specialising in EYFS. My expertise spans across the entire age range.

After leaving teaching, I ventured into entrepreneurship by establishing and managing my own tuition and childminding businesses. In 2013, I joined forces with Ellie, becoming her right-hand woman in founding BilinguaSing.

Leveraging my business experience, I excel at helping you make significant breakthroughs when it comes to getting clients and filling your group tuition programme.

While Ellie specialises in paid advertising, my strength lies in helping you get clients for free using social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. I can help you in select the most suitable platform for your target audience.

Additionally, I run training sessions on how to get tutoring clients through approaching schools and other forming other partnerships.

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