Replace your 60 hour-a-week teaching job with a 2 hour-a-week tuition business

My 2-Hour Tutor Blueprint will show you exactly how

Move from your stressful teaching job to a meaningful online tuition programme and boost your impact, income and freedom

Hi, I'm Ellie

I’m an ex-school teacher turned award-winning business owner and coach for teachers who want to replace their 60 hour-a-week teaching salary with a 2 hour-a-week tuition business.

You’re likely in one of two places:

  • You’re seriously considering quitting your teaching job and you’ve got your eyes on the next step – a tutoring business


  • You’ve already quit your teaching job, but you’re stuck in the feast or famine cycle with your 1:1 tuition and you’re interested in phasing this out in favour of a 2h per week group programme

Either way – that’s what I help with.

Group tuition programmes are the best way to deliver an incredible result, whilst freeing up your time and making more money (even while you’re on holiday)!

With the right structure and marketing strategy, you can enrol new students every month without ever needing to worry about squeezing in even more 1:1 tuition, or not being paid during school holidays

Want to know how?

Grab my 2-Hour Tutor Blueprint and come into my world where you’ll learn about:

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Ellie Baker Coaching for Tutors

About Ellie

After 10 years in the UK education system, Ellie quit the classroom to set up her award-winning children’s language & music class company, BilinguaSing, which she franchised in 2014. 

Today Ellie uses all of her teaching and business experience to coach teachers to become business owners, writes about education and helps her network of BilinguaSing franchisees to thrive in their businesses.

She’s an ‘extroverted introvert’ who dreams of living a nomadic life, educating her kids while travelling the world; but for now lives happily in sunny Maidenhead.

Praise for Ellie

“I was highly regarded, respected and outwardly doing a great job but inside I was drowning, exhausted, anxious, depressed and knew I couldn’t continue till retirement that way. Ellie taught me the skills to launch my business and take my next step – out of the classroom! Thank you Ellie.” Martha, Ex Primary Teacher

“Ellie is an extremely supportive and warm person who gets you ‘thinking outside the box.’ She has taught me more than I could have imagined and kept my spirits high throughout.” Sky, Primary Teacher

“Ellie is so supportive and will help you in every possible way. She is patient and kind, listens and takes the time to answer all the daft questions! I feel like I have found a real friend in her and someone I know will always be there to support me in my business! ” Sandy, Ex Senior leader

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Teachers, if I could tell you how to get your life back without sacrificing your income, would you want to know about it?

For most time-poor, stressed-out teachers who are sick of selling their souls to the pressures and scrutiny of the education system, and have tried switching to part time hours, demoting themselves or changing schools, yet are still having to choose between spending weekends with family or a pile of marking, the answer would be:

Yes – tell me about it now’!

Find out why 90% of teachers are UNSUITED to the constraints of the education system, and why you will always feel drained of energy, and like you are constantly fighting against yourself unless you learn this valuable lesson…


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