Are you a languages teacher who passionately believes in bringing the joy of languages to her students, and sees teaching as her life’s mission? Do you feel your purpose is to bring positive change to the world?

🌎 Do you find yourself crushed by the admin, bureaucracy and pressures of the education system?

🌎 Do you dream of a better way, but you just can’t see the woods for the trees?

🌎 Did you used to think that language teaching was your calling, but now you’re not so sure?

Everything you’ve been told about ‘getting a job and climbing the career ladder’ as a means to a happy, secure and fulfilled life is based on outdated social norms.

The thing is – we are linguists. We are not like everyone else – and social constructs stifle us!

I LOVE coaching MFL teachers (I think you’re amazing)! and I get so much joy from helping other languages teachers like you have their ‘a-ha’ moment, find joy in their work again and take the next step towards a better future.

I’m here to support you – and to let you know that it’s ok not to be ok sometimes in this crazy profession! Please send me an email with any questions you have,  check out my MFL teacher Survival Guide or watch this FREE coaching masterclass for support. 

Stay safe and well, and don’t struggle alone!

À bientôt / Hasta pronto,

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I’m Ellie and I trained as a languages teacher in 2003. In 2013 I transitioned out of the classroom and started my own languages business. I love helping MFL teachers (whether you are in secondary, primary, state, private, or even TEFL) who want to find their mojo for teaching languages again! 

Watch this video to find out how I can help you rediscover your fire!

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