I'm Ellie and, in a nutshell, I help teachers like you build an exit strategy that sets them free from the classroom and makes them happy.

😕 Are you a teacher who is sick of having to choose between your kids / partner / sanity and your job?

😞 Do you dream of a better way, but you just can’t see the woods for the trees?

😥 Did you used to think that teaching was your calling, but now you feel you can’t live with the scrutiny, the pressure, and the weekends spent marking?

Well, you’re in the right place!

I’m Ellie, ex-teacher and multiple business owner. I have the perfect programme helping teachers like you get clear & confident, find their ideal business idea and actually make it happen – all in the space of 3 months.

Unsure if this is for you? Why not start by watching this 45 minute, FREE  ‘Exit Strategy Training’ then you can decide for yourself?

Alternatively, if you’re 100% ready to quit wasting your precious life working endless hours in your teaching job, knowing that 80% of what you are forced to do is pointless and soul-crushing, and doesn’t help the precious young people you wanted to help in the first place, you may find that this programme is perfect for you.

You know that the obvious next step for you right now is to make a significant life change and invest in yourself, your family and your future. You know you have it in you to create a business doing something you love that will make a bigger impact than you can make being chained to your job.

You know that what you need is a combination of mindset and strategic work to help you land the perfect business idea that aligns with your values, doesn’t require you to retrain and helps you get your message out into the world.

You know that there must be a better way to live and work than giving 60-80 hours a week of your life away for £12 per hour. You just need someone who has been there and done it to take your hand, lead you through the fog and show you how.

If you are right for this programme and decide to join, you are highly likely to have your business all set and ready to go in 2-3 month’s time, and have the confidence and the financial safety net in place to take the leap and hand in your notice at your job. All with me walking beside you, guiding and supporting you every step of the way.

To find out more, email me and we’ll see if it’s a fit for you. If it is, we can enrol you today. You’ll have access to your first assignment straight away – and our first call will be in a few days!

Don’t struggle alone!

welcome !

I love helping teachers who may be looking for an alternative to the traditional teaching career, replace their teacher income and have the breathing space to enjoy life again. After working with many teachers just like you, I know that you are struggling, frustrated, and feeling like a failure when it comes to being a good teacher, parent and partner. However – I also know how talented and capable you are of making this change! Start with my free Teacher Exit Strategy training.


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